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Ellie Hale

Ellie Knows

Podcast to listen to Some podcasts can be quite hit and miss, but those from BBC World Service Radio are always guaranteed quality. Programmes like Documentary of the Week, The Science Hour and Click never fail to thrill and entertain, with mind-blowing explorations into various human endeavours across the world. ...

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Student Entrepreneurs: Nucleus

thestudentnucleus.com is a platform that makes the life of university students simple. Students can buy and sell textbooks, find scholarships/funding available and connect with students who have different skill sets. The free platform works across every university and is being used by 1000’s of students. We have won three awards ...

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photography © Karolina Krasauskyte, http://photographybykarolinak.blogspot.co.uk/

Fashion Mind

Fashion is all about experimenting with ideas and the creation of new trends and being a student at London College of Fashion allowed me to study and work at the same time.  Working in retail broadened my understanding of fashion trends and customers’ behaviour and I was lucky enough to ...

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Metric Accountants

A recent encounter

Let me tell you about a recent encounter I had with a business owner (to save his blushes, we’ll call him Pete) whom I met at a networking event last week.   Over a beer, Pete was explaining to me about his business (a “B2C” software-as-a-service startup that had been ...

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cyber savvy

Are you cyber savvy?

Barely a week goes by without the media reporting a fresh hacking incident or data breach suffered by a major brand. In addition to reputational damage and the potential to take a business down completely, cybersecurity incidents can also lead to significant remedial costs, regulatory fines and compensation claims from ...

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